P.o. box 26241-00504, Lavington, Hatheru.
Mon - Sat: 09.00am to 18.00pm


Welcome to Go-deep Within Center it is a pleasure to have you visit us here to share more about us.

This center was founded by Pauline Amara Mutua driven by the passion to create more light workers in the world.

Go-deep Within Center is a place as the name suggests that helps You to 'Journey back Home' as we fondly calls it- this is the place we all originated, the place where all we seek here in the world is tucked away. This place we were re-programmed out of and most of the times we do not even know it exists. It is the place of love, joy, peace, abundance, beauty, bliss and harmony. It is deep within you! We have been talked out of this place, it has been made to feel like a place to be afraid of but yet your True freedom lives here, your liberation. All the resources you need to navigate this world are all tucked in there, so we would love to take you there to re-discover it for the first time.

We journey with you to awaken your True Self and generative potential. We help you peel off all that You are not and help you embrace your authentic self through unlearning. A pointer here- what if what you believe until now is wrong? What if who you think you are is not true? What if you are living your life all so wrong? What if what others said to you was not true? What if what you do not like about your life You actually are the one who created it because You did not know who You Truly are?

We use Transformation Coaching which focuses on changing your Life focus thus changing your life; By a Caterpillar living like it is a caterpillar it creates its own limitations hence we reveal to YOU the Beautiful Butterfly that you are allowing YOU to break free from the cocoon YOU have been stuck in, believing Yourself to be the caterpillar in the cocoon. 

The center forges life as it is and helps you Become all that You are by helping YOU experience nature and peel off the False You. It is all so organic and healing.

Our aim is to help everyone become a transformational presence in each space they occupy by using all their innate skills and abilities. We want to help YOU live significantly and find your light, consequently give others permission to be the light they are.

If YOU are tired of Being insignificant and tired of Being tired then contact us and register for one on one coaching and Journey To Self Discovery. You deserve nothing but the best and remember YOU MATTER! YOU ARE ENOUGH!

 "The greatest accomplishment is to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into someone else."- Ralph Waldo Emerson