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Deeper Sense of Self

Life can throw us off course spiraling us out of proportion, however the believe you hold can get you out of it. We are a reflection of Source energy (God) and all in us is a reflection of the beauty and miracles we can never lose because it is the truth. The truth needs to be our truth because if it is not our truth we lose our true essence and never feel worth of what we say or do, especially when we are going against it, we will always feel like a fraud.

We have been conditioned and socialized in a particular way, which has contributed to how we live and show up in life; this been the case many people are not living their lives but other people's lives which is a hard way to live whether you claim to be successful or not because if you have not discovered your truth then you are only living a half-baked life and will never get to experience all that your life could become. happiness, beauty, love, joy, peace, bliss and trust are your birthright and you must find that place that opens you upto these values.
At the core of who we really are is love, light, beauty, wisdom and peace if that is not your current experience then you are off course and you need to steer your ship back to the shore. A seed has all it needs to fully become itself when set in the right conditions and nurtured well, so is who we truly are; you do not cease to become who you truly are beauty, light, love, wisdom and peace just because the situations around you say otherwise, that is your true essence and if we change our way of being and connect to our deeper self our true nature returns. This calls for a paradigm shift in our consciousness, unlearning many things that block our true essence that is, past experiences that have hypnotized us into believing what goes against our true nature our magnificience, beliefs, perceptions, opinions, perspectives that we've been conditioned to believe to be true- begin questioning everything you know and search for your truth. All these limit you from being all that you are- magnificent, beautiful, extraordinary and brilliant.
I grew up being told what I can or can't do and I believed it until a point where it all did not make sense and it was choking the life out of me; I needed a new way or I was going to die. Six years ago I dropped everything and decided to find my truth, till then I had seen life through other people's eyes- I did everything that was spelt out to me as success and I ticked off all the boxes expect that it did not feel right by me (authentic/deeper self) and I was tired of ticking the boxes as they were boxes and they were limiting me from fully being all that I could be.

Our true authentic self is extraordinary and limitless and if this is not who you are now it is time to go back home to connect with your truth. Just because right now you cannot see and feel it does not mean it does not exist, it is being waiting for you to allow itself to reveal itself to you. You are an emanation of God's consciousness and you must allow that to express through you, your uniqueness, light and beauty is what the world is waiting to experience. You are meant to shine and soar with the eagles; the world will be a better place if we all let the light that is within shine and illuminate the darkness that is never a reality as when we turn on the light it disappears. Be the light that you are and illuminate it for others so that they may also fight their light and connect to their true deeper self. Peace and blessings.

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