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Happiness and Success

We have been socially conditioned to think that what we need to make us happy or successful is in the world, so we innocently chase the job, the car, the "right people that matter", the achievements to be recognized and long and behold we realize we are always chasing another goal and still are empty! 
If an individual has only a monetary concept of affluence, then regardless of how much money they accumulate, it will never be enough. There is never enough of "more, more, more. Paradoxically having so much more than you need becomes a statement of lack, not having. However, when an individual's relationship to money includes sharing and circulating, the law of reciprocation is activated in such a way that money money freely circulates back to them. Their bank balance may or may not equal that of a hoarder, but money- which is an energy will circulate freely throughout their life. What is your relationship with money and your gifts?- Some wisdom from Michael Beckwith.
Living by the theme that "more is better" can cause a poverty mentality. Even if you live in a castle, that castle eventually becomes a cage. Affluence, or genuine wealth, includes the ability to discern the true meaning and place of monetary resources in one's life. The only concept of "more" that does not create a poverty mentality is being more of one's Authentic Self, thereby releasing more life energy- adpated from Michael Beckwith's book Spiritual Liberation

Look at nature and let it teach us that we leave in abundant world and we are never in short supply of what we need. Look at plants, trees and see how they beautifully co-exist never fighting for space or sunlight regardless of the level to the ground they are, they peaceful shine knowing what they need will come. As a great North American teacher said, "no tree is foolish enough for its branches to fight each other". We should be true to who we are and have no need to make others be like us, we all are special and unique as we are and when we get this we begin to appreciate who we are and see the richness of the world and see how beautifully God expresses in us and in everything; teaching us a great lesson- God is in everything, and everything is in God. Look around you and realize anything you see is a manifestation of God and begin sending love to everything around you. 

The mature level of wanting says, "I want to know more of who and what I really am. I want to express my true nature of love, joy, creativity, abundance, compassion, self-givingness, & generosity; and this same good I desire for myself I desire for all beings. Look within and unfold all that is within because that's all you ever need and the world is waiting for you to share with it, the goldmine is hidden under so much rubble that you have picked until now, perceptions, beliefs, opinions, perspectives that require your checking them out so that you can be truly who you are without any social indoctrination. 

Love and light and Peace blessings

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