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IT IS TIME- by Pauline Amara Mutua

Our country and nation has come of age to spiritual awakening and healing. There is especially now a far cry for something better. This year has seen us as a nation experience a lot of challenging times terrorism, teachers strike, nurses strike and a lot of strife that has made us almost crumble. I know from my personal journey of growth that this is an inner calling for all of us to change our way of being, a time for a paradigm shift from an egocentric world to a cosmo-centric world- the indicators are all there.

Gabrielle Bernstein taught me a lesson that she learnt in her spiritual awakening journey – when the pressure is on act and the path will be given, when you need help help someone, vibrate with the cosmos and what you need will be given to you; and attending the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake city presents an opportunity for me to connect with spiritual giants from all walks of life that are so advanced in their spirituality allowing me to see how I can come and create a public platform back home that will help us bring back healing and awaken many more people as they are ready, the lack of a spiritual experience is evident and people want more but do not know where to get it. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents in life, when we are present we receive the messages given to us and the opportunities arising in each moment. This opportunity also allows me to be a co-presenter with Audrey Addison Williams who  our paths connected a few years ago on her mission in East Africa to share her vision of One World Rising. It is also at the same time I got signed up to be part of Belief Team an Oprah Winfrey project to bring healing and spirituality that allows people to see how connected we all are to everyone and everything in the world and we believe in the same thing even if we have different practices that threaten our co-existence.

This is an opportunity that will that will help me teach people how to hold our beliefs lightly and live your spiritual values that are universal love, peace, joy, hope, trust and compassion. My personal belief and conviction is that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and the core of who we are is love, spiritual, authentic, pure, peace and hope, despite what our physical limited world is telling and showing us, when we connect and live from the essence of who we are we begin to see our beauty and bliss and we transform the world and we experience the adventure of our lives. I would like to create a space that people can tune in to that teaches them a new way of being, a way of love, joy, peace, hope and unity, allowing us to change our thoughts and ultimately change our lives. The news we see is corroded with violence, conflict, hate this makes people believe that that is the way the world is; when that is the energy we put out we only vibrate with the universe and manifest the same; Belief team Kenya will create an alternative platform that will create a platform that transmits love, joy, hope and compassion, allowing us to nurture and nourish our loving spirits.

In summary what I want to teach and offer is what A course in Miracles says,

There is a place in you where there is a perfect peace

There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. 

I believe we will create a friendly beautiful world where we all love each other and live like the Garden of Eden.

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