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Personality versus Character 1

The word character is from the Old French 'caractere' which means "imprint on soul."  The etymology of personality is connected with the Latin word persona, which was a mask worn by actors. Character is revealed when our mask is removed. It is always safe for people to hide personality as that keeps one from doing the inner work to uncover your True/Authentic Self.

It is easy to tell if you are living from character or personality. If things aren't going your way, personality springs while character remains unruffled and learns from the experience. When you are not in psychologically or emotionally safe territory personality panics. Character, on the other hand, rides the vicissitudes of life with calmness. Personality endeavors to extract happiness from its experiences, whereas character realizes that happiness is an inherent quality of being that infuses experiences with happiness. If you are to experience your soul potential and see all that you can be, align your personality with your soul or let your deeper sense of self lead your every experience and you will begin creating miracles. We cannot be taught how to be Yourself but what we do as transformation coaches is lead You to uncover the You that You are by peeling off all that's not You. 

I will be sharing more on personality vs character in the next post so stay tuned. This is from Spiritual Liberation by Michael Beckwith.

I honor the light in You that is the light in me.

Love and Light,
Pauline- Transformation Coach

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