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Personality versus Character 2

Your personality has been forged by the values of the external world beginning with parental fantasies about who you are and who you were raised to become, your education, your religions, your companions,  all to assure your ego's survival and protection from getting hurt. Ego- Edging God Out the Higher You that you are. According to Spiritual Liberation by Michael Beckwith a Spiritual teacher,  "Ego is an artifact that is used to fit in, to hang out in the status quo, an agreement with mediocrity that allows you to move and groove in the world without causing too much disturbance or being too much of an irritation." What a pitiful life conforming and doing what others expect you to do. Sometimes I ask how does anyone know what's best for me, when they are not me doesn't it disturb you. Do you always do what you are told? Are you angry and miserable deep within? This is what led me to uncover my purpose and live it unapologetically - oh I ruffled a few feathers but I choose to be authentic. I am a transformation coach my mission is help You peel off all that's not You and Be more of You. To book a session contact me.

Tomorrow I finish sharing about Personality and Character stay tuned.
I honor the light in You that is the light in me.

Love and Light,
Pauline Mutua - Transformation Coach & Speaker

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