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There Are No Mistakes Or Failures

Good morning my soul family, Sending you Love and light as you begin another amazing great and best day in your life. Cherish each and every moment remembering each moment is fully loaded with all that you need and if you connect to it you will receive everything you need to walk into the next moment. You have everything you need to face what is coming to you today, always take a deep breath and turn inwards to receive what you seek. In the wise words of Rumi- What you seek is already seeking you! 
There no mistakes or failures it is just Your Higher Self turning you in the direction you need to be going. All that happens to you is for you not against You! Trust and allow today what life is calling you to without the need to analyze or understand and see you miraculous unfolding. I am so joyful, grateful for this awesome day I have a deep knowing that all is well even when your limited small self says it is not. I am a magnificent change agent! I bring a light into lives especially during uncertainty and in the end emerges peace and clarity. So know you are in good hands and all that is coming to you is the Limitless You pulling You out of Your small limited self to experience your Highest Self and create a heaven on earth experience which is your birthright. Enjoy and be present!

Mistakes is that thing in you that is pointing you back to the direction of your Authentic Higher Self that we keep deviating from as a result of our limited self. When we are still and silent it allows for us to go inward where we tap into salvation, all the answers we looking for, all the solutions and all the wisdom we need is there. Today, won't you go to that place of endless vast potential that will propel you into the enormous gigantic You that You are yet to experience. trust and know all you need you already have, its up to You to find it. Sending You light and love in Your brilliant day!

Peace and richest blessings

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