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You not only have the ability to find yourself, you have the ability to free yourself- Michael A. Singer

Today I walk in the empowering awareness that Grace is my constant companion- Observe the Grace that accompanies your every breath, your every heartbeat, your every footstep, every action and times of stillness. It just happens so peaceful and effortlessly. When we let go of trying to control our life to remain in our comfort zone, we are able to accept what is being offered through our experience in the now moment, which is our opportunity to grow in trust, surrender, humility and courage. Remember today, just as it is, is our friend.
When we realize our thoughts are only as permanent as clouds passing in the sky and have no power over us unless we give them power, we are living from our True Nature. Why don't you take time today to be an observer of your thoughts and see how they become...thoughts become things and you are not your thoughts. Have an introspective light filled day.

Peace and blessings

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