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Inspirational Talks

We talk to groups/teams to allow them to find true power that is never lost with change of circumstances. Our talks are centered on helping individuals understand and know their true sense of self/worth so that life changes do not destabilize one. Change in life is inevitable so when you know who you are, nothing can stop you from becoming all that You are, magnificent and brilliant.

Inspiration is about connecting an audience with their authentic power which seems to be deeply tucked away from one's reach because of the programming, cultures, beliefs we have been exposed to growing up. Through every breath we take we breath life, inspire is about connecting to that breath that gives you life and listening to it for inner guidance and tuning into the internal geographical programming where all one needs lies. The world we live in has taught us to seek what we need externally, so we work so hard to fit in and follow the herd, thereby losing yourself. There is nothing we need out of us; out of us there is only a limitation of who we think we are, in the external there is only comparing with others which is the beginning of our internal death. During inspiration we help turn our audience inner to outside and make deep down their home.


The highest and truest version of y/ourself has to be brought out from out of us, we help you begin to become intimate with self. Inspiration is not about exciting you to feel good immediately and wake up the next day feeling fearful of taking action, we help you shift how you view life and consequently your inner dialogue changes to become empowering. An empowered individual creates a strong sense of self and a blissful life and world.


Sign up for an Inspiration talk for your family, team, company or any group you have working towards the same vision. We work with groups of minimum 5 people.