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One on One Coaching

In one on one coaching a client has a face to face or phone or Skype session with the coach. A session is 45-60 minutes which begins with a grounding moment to allow the client to be centered and present with the coach. The coach connects with the client and taps into their presence with each other and guides the client through the same. The coach then asks the client what he/she seeks to receive in that session, each session is unique and requires different approaches and tools to support the client. In transformation coaching our main focus as a coach is to help the client to find a deeper sense of self in every situation and to come from the heart rather than the head. Many challenges we face we get stuck and cannot see solutions because we see ourselves as the problem rather than the answer/solution; transformation coaching is about helping one to shift how they see every situation and find the deeper meaning of everything.

As a coach we create a space and support clients to find their inner power and solution. The shift happens when a client realizes that they are the butterfly hidden in the caterpillar that they believed themselves to be. Sign up for your one on one coaching and unleash your grandNess.