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Role Model & Youth Mentorship Program
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Role Model & Youth Mentorship Program

BeYouTiFuLL Youth Mentorship Program
This is a program that helps the youth navigate through life with clarify, light, success, confidence and courage. We help the youth walk into uncertainty without fear and lack thus unfolding into their magnificent Self. Life throws at us challenges and if we come from a place of doubt, lack and fear we shrink and loses our brilliance.
The foundation of this program is journey to self-discovery which is designed to facilitate a paradigm shift in changing the mind-set of the students. “Every decision one makes stems from what you think you are, and represents the value you put upon yourself.”
Self-esteem comes from the self, not from acquisitions and approvals, so focus on self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline which are key to one’s success and happiness.
What We Do
We mentor the youth to be the best they can and work towards their true self-worth. We provide a continuous mentorship program through a 4-level program of Journey to Self-Discovery to pre-teens and teens; this stage of growth has a lot happening in their lives and by helping them see who they truly are, we guide them to make the right choices.
At this stage children have a lot coming at them from the external environment and they are going through a lot of uncertainty; they are also trying to define who they are and just getting through life the best way they know how; thus, this leads them to make choices that alter the course of their lives. We open them up to embrace their uniqueness and confidently share it with others. When one is clear about who they are change does not frighten them and they do not shy away from being different; they set clear goals and have resilience.
How We Do it
We walk with the youth to help them know their true self-worth and help them into being able to deal with life’s challenges in a way that they are conquerors and winners in all that life throws at them. 
We help them access their limitless potential and to become self-realized and self-reliant. Allowing them to see their possibilities versus impossibilities.
Why We Do it
The world we live in is now offering the youth too much- we live in an era of information overload and there is pressure to buy into it because of not knowing who I am or due to lack of values that ground you.
Self awareness; Self Esteem; Self Worth; Self Discipline & Self Confidence