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Janet Kalulu Ngombalu

My journey started at a time in my life when I was feeling empty and stuck in what seemed like a rat race at the time. I felt that nothing was moving and I was missing out on opportunities in my life. I felt dried and empty but I had plans to go ahead. I was torn between many decisions and plans to get myself out of this including looking for a new job or enrolling to a new school for a Ph.D
I therefore sort to speak to my Coach and Mentor Pauline Amara Mutua. During the sessions Pauline begun to show me to get back to my inner most being to find what was within. I remember having to meditate and link to the person who I had never got in touch with before, My SELF. For the first time, I understood what it was to connect with who I truly am, the person, my soul that, knew everything I need to do in this life, yet I had never connected with her. Once, I met me, I begun to understand to release and surrender to the all-knowing, all present, and all capable self. I began to understand what it meant to be created in the image and likeness of God and therefore, that I have the same God power within me. I understood, that I came to this life for God to fulfill through me what he had already put in me and that when I fully connect to the source, then I know fully well what to do.
I learnt to release and surrender and let it be as it unfolds. I learnt to let life flow as it should. I learnt to focus on the lessons that I was here to learn other than control the outcome.
My aha moment came, when I learnt the H’oponopono Prayer of belief systems and forgiveness. I discovered that all the things that blocked or held me back were things that I had learnt or labelled due to the belief system that I have picked along the way. I discovered that the limitations in my life and life outlook were blocking the way. I discovered that the belief systems we learn along the way really held me back through fear, judgement, self-esteem. But I discovered the true essence of God’s love and that he is all divine, and I am fully of divinity and that I am loved despite what I may have done or not done knowingly on unknowingly. Through this class, this must have been the turning point for me, together with watching the Oprah _ Belief.
Since then, I begun to allow and to walk this Journey through the guidance of the divine and not within my own limits and control. I learnt to meditate and get answers and directions through direct converse with the divinity within me. I began to flow and live other than fight, fear and feel control. I began to live in bliss in every area that I went to. I began to be love and light and to experience love and light. I began to know all that I need was just around and that I was not alone and that I am fully guided. -This is a very personal experience that I find it hard to explain, Its indescribable. You just have to experience it. However, I wish this opportunity for anyone. You begin to live and not just exist