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Wangari Mwangi

l met Pauline Amara Mutua a few years ago and we connected because of our love for spiritual wholeness through inner work. Whenever I go to her for coaching, she has the ability to remind me to get back  to my inner truth & live from that space of knowing who it is I truly am. She has helped me get clarity & peace around issues I bring into our coaching sessions. What I love the most is that Pauline is not about tools; her coaching  expertly moves me into the deep inner space of my truth away from learned judgments & stories that don’t serve me. I am then able to see how to start trusting my inner knowing, & to stay attuned, and connected to my heart. I recommend her to anyone who wants lasting transformation in all areas of their lives-personal as well as work. Thank you Pauline for the value you have added to my life.
Wangari Mwangi-Life Coach with Life Coaching & Leadership Centre, Nairobi Kenya